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Vino La Mano (of Black Soprano Family) - Money ...

  • Arts Marriage A-la-Mode, a series of six paintings by the English painter and engraver William Hogarth, depicts the Arranged Marriage between the daughter of a nouveau riche city alderman and the son of a bankrupt Earl; the alderman aims to elevate his family to respectability, while the Earl hopes to restore his family's fortune. Unfortunately for both, the marriage ends badly, with the husband killed in a duel with his wife's lover and the wife taking poison after her lover is hanged, and the daughter they leave behind standing to inherit neither the title nor the money, although she does "inherit" syphilis from her father, which bodes ill for any future continuation of the family.

Vino La Mano (of Black Soprano Family) - Money ...

  • Comic Books In the Disney Ducks and Mickey Mouse Comic Universes, whenever the Beagle Boys or Peg-Leg Pete become rich (usually through illegal means) they will usually become this. Good examples are Carl Barks' "The Case of the Sticky Money" and Romano Scarpa's "The Lentils of Babylon" in the formers' case. It's always temporary. John D. Rockerduck is a more permanent example. He's Scrooge's Foil in this regard, having no compulsions about actually using the money he owns.

  • Richie Rich has a literal example in Richie's aunt "Noovoo Rich" who married one of Richie's uncles and has never gotten over becoming suddenly wealthy. She's flashy and even a little crass, but has a kind heart and loves giving away money to charities, albeit always very conspicuously.

  • In Runaways, the Wilders were bank robbers and the Steins were struggling scientists before their deal with the Gibborim pushed them into the upper class. This comes up in the "Dead-End Kids" arc when the elitist Yorkes are horrified to discover that their daughter was dating the Steins' son Chase.

  • Fan Works Jackie from Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover plays with this and Upper-Class Twit. She starts out poor because her mother and father don't bother telling her about the Old Money/Blue Blood she has by birthright. They actually leave her since caring for a child messes up their fun plans. Once she realizes exactly who she is, Jackie becomes an Ungrateful Bitch to the woman who took her off the streets and jets away to her new life as an heiress of a powerful family. She grows out of it, but whips out the old persona when necessary to enlist others in mostly-heroic causes since these people won't listen to the "reformed Jackie."

  • In the Twilight fanfic The Wedding Crashers the Cullens and other vampires are depicted as this, expanding on their book characterization, much to Leah, Sam, and Dean's disdain. Of particular note are the facts that despite Renesmee and Jacob's wedding being outdoors, the decorations are absolutely non-natural looking and instead clash with the location in an attempt to make it look fancier, Leah's dress is criticized for only probably being less than six hundred dollars, Emmett admits he can't work on old cars because his family buys so many fancy new ones there's no room in the garage for him to keep a single project car, and the wedding gift of a lost Rembrandt is left out in the open by the beach in the humidity.

  • crawlersout: Tom's friend Margaret is this, being the daughter of the President of General Motors and an actress. While they aren't as extreme as most examples, their spending is garish enough to get on the bad side of her best friend Ruth's family (who are Old Money). Surprisingly, Tom actually likes Margaret's family more than Ruth's (though not by much), mainly because the idea of the Self-Made Man appeals to him and his past as a half-blood orphan with nothing to his name until Fem!Harry took him in.

  • Equestria Divided: Lower tire House Whitegold units are essentially what you get when you combine a literal Army of Thieves and Whores with a huge military budget. The Whitegold Militia are criminals from the Undercity given the best equipment, training and pay money can buy without curbing their viciousness one bit.

  • Pro Wrestling Perhaps the most famous example in wrestling was John "Bradshaw" Layfield, former Texas hick turned millionaire thanks to his (legit) job outside of wrestling as a stock-market consultant. Interestingly, he held the WWE Championship at the same time that the World Heavyweight Championship was held by the Cultured Badass Triple H.

  • It is not known whether "Million-Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase fits this trope exactly, but he certainly acted like it. (His son has taken a more low-key road.) The kayfabe explanation for his purported wealth was due to a massive insurance settlement after his father "Iron" Mike DiBiase was a Casualty in the Ring, so this trope definitely applies.

  • Ted DiBiase Jr. accused Montel Vontavious Porter of trying to appear high class but really being new money.

  • The Fabulous Moolah, greatest Women's Champion of all time. (She was born to a family of sharecroppers in South Carolina, and eventually became successful enough to have a mansion for herself built not far from her family's home, as well as having the street the mansion was on named for herself.)

  • Cameron Grimes managed to get rich by investing in GameStop and Dogecoin, getting so much money that he doesn't know what to do with it and just throwing wads of cash away. He even got in a feud with Ted DiBiase over their wealth.

With Henry dead and all their money from the drug deal taken by Carlo and the Triads, Vito and Joe are desperate to earn the $55,000 they need to pay back Bruno Levine. They start by taking a job from Eddie Scarpa that's a favor for a crime family in another city. 041b061a72


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