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Here are some other interesting tidbits about the imposing villainess:

She's capable of shifting forms between a "human-like being" to that of a terrifying beast of "of tooth and claw Diablo 4 Gold, of spike and blade." She has a human form that looks incredibly normal but some animals and other creatures can still "tell something is off about her." She can possess a human and put their consciousness into a sleeping state. She is also capable of reading someone's memories through this method. Lilith can teleport. Her appearance has changed over the years, with her original character model in Diablo 2 being a re-color of Andariel.

The "By Three They Come" teaser sets up the world of Diablo 4 and its main conflict, although we don't know much past Lilith's awakening. The trailer showcases a group of explorers making their way through an underground area, before being chased by Zombies. After fleeing into a nearby chamber, it is revealed that one of the adventurers is actually a sinister Cultist-like being, who sacrifices the other adventurers upon nearby altars, causing Lilith to pass once more into the mortal coil.

It is said that just her arrival alone has caused turmoil throughout Sanctuary, causing latent darkness in the hearts of humans to grow, with many turning into full-blown worshippers and avatars. We will also see some of Lilith's "agents," who are responsible for helping to spread paranoia and mistrust throughout the world.

Enemies Will Adopt A New "Family" Structure In Diablo 4

Diablo 4 is taking its enemies in an entirely new direction compared to its predecessors. Fans are familiar with the many demonic and blasphemous creatures found throughout the Diablo franchise but developers want Diablo 4 to feel more like an interconnected story that features exciting lore and richly designed biomes. Because of this, Diablo 4's enemies will be classified into "families," rather than be presented as a random mish-mash of creatures, demons buy Diablo IV Gold, and corrupted humans.


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