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Ela Rose Feat David DeeJay - I Can Feel (Official Radio Version)

*1980 ROA.k.a. Adi Cristian ColceruAdi ColceruDavid Deejay, one of the most popular romanian dj's, was born on December 10, 1980 in Barlad, Romania and now he lives in Bucharest, where he started 6 years ago to play in several big clubs in Bucharest and also to work in a big studio, with two great dance music composers. Very intuitive nature and loving house music, this enabled him to understand very well the connection between club, public and studio work. Not infrequently he has tested his demo traks in the clubs where he played, and the public was ecstatic from the first audition. He understood that the house music must be brough close to the audience soul, trough harmonies and melodic lines closer to the public's heart, but keeping the grooves that define that music. In 2008 he began working with Dony, as vocalist, reflected by the album "Popcorn", realeased in Feb 2010. 'Sexy thing' 'rocked' all the charts and was the first place on many big popular radios in Romania and than outside - Greece, Poland, Turkey and other countries. After, the next singles extracted from this album - "Nasty Dream"and "So Bizzare" were also no. 1 in the charts for many weeks. Now he presents his shows in several versions: with Dony or Ela Rose, as vocalists, and as dj-gig himself or together with Mossano with a very good set, including, of course, all his releases: David Deejay feat. Dony - Sexy Thing David Deejay feat. Dony - Nasty Dream David Deejay feat. Dony - So Bizzare David Deejay feat. Dony - Temptation David Deejay - Dubainian Ela Rose - I can feel(by David Deejay) Morris feat. Sony Flame - Havana Lover (by David Deejay) Mossano - Indianotech(by David Deejay) Mossano - Calenderia(by David Deejay) Kittens - Persia Mossano - Zingarinho Also he's involved in many house projects, as producer and musical manager. He's last realease Mossano - Zingarinho is also a big hit. In 2009, he was the only romanian producer who had 2 singles played in heavy-rotation, on radios, in the same time--"So bizarre' and "Ela Rose-I can feel" He won in 2009 a special Trend-Setter award, on Romanian Music Awards. This is a recognition of the Romanian music industry that, after his release 'Sexy Thing', most dance projects and dj's change their direction of sound. Also, in the summer of 2010 he won "Best Producer" award on Romanian Music Awards.

Ela Rose feat David DeeJay - I Can Feel (Official Radio Version)



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