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Sx32w.dll For Atoll 3.1 19

How to Fix Sx32w.dll Missing Error for Atoll 3.1 19

If you are using Atoll, a software for wireless network planning and optimization, you may encounter an error message that says "The program can't start because sx32w.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." This error can prevent you from launching or running Atoll properly. In this article, we will explain what sx32w.dll is, why it is missing, and how to fix it.

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What is sx32w.dll?

Sx32w.dll is a dynamic link library (DLL) file that belongs to Sentinel SuperPro, a software protection and licensing solution developed by SafeNet, Inc. Sentinel SuperPro provides hardware keys or dongles that can be attached to the USB port of a computer to authorize the use of a software application. Sx32w.dll is one of the files that enables the communication between the Sentinel SuperPro hardware key and the software application that requires it.

Atoll is one of the software applications that uses Sentinel SuperPro for protection and licensing. Therefore, it needs sx32w.dll to verify the presence and validity of the Sentinel SuperPro hardware key before it can run. If sx32w.dll is missing or corrupted, Atoll will not be able to access the Sentinel SuperPro hardware key and will display an error message.

Why is sx32w.dll missing?

There are several possible reasons why sx32w.dll is missing or corrupted on your computer. Some of them are:

  • You have accidentally deleted sx32w.dll or moved it to another location.

  • You have installed or uninstalled another software application that has overwritten or modified sx32w.dll.

  • You have a virus or malware infection that has damaged or deleted sx32w.dll.

  • You have a registry problem that has corrupted the entries related to sx32w.dll.

  • You have a hardware failure that has affected your hard disk or memory.

How to fix sx32w.dll missing error?

To fix sx32w.dll missing error for Atoll 3.1 19, you can try the following methods:

  • Reinstall sx32w.dll. You can download sx32w.dll from, a website that provides free DLL files for various software applications. Make sure you choose the correct version of sx32w.dll that matches your OS and software architecture. After downloading sx32w.dll, you need to copy it to the folder where Atoll is installed, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Atoll\Bin\. You may also need to register sx32w.dll using the regsvr32 command in the command prompt.

  • Reinstall Atoll. You can uninstall Atoll from your computer and then reinstall it using the original installation media or the latest version available from the official website. This will ensure that you have all the necessary files and components for Atoll, including sx32w.dll. You may also need to activate your license again after reinstalling Atoll.

  • Update your drivers and Windows. You can check if there are any updates available for your drivers and Windows system that may fix the compatibility issues or bugs related to sx32w.dll. You can use the Device Manager or Windows Update to find and install the updates.

  • Scan your computer for viruses and malware. You can use a reliable antivirus or anti-malware program to scan your computer for any infections that may have damaged or deleted sx32w.dll. You can also use a system cleaner or optimizer tool to remove any junk files or registry errors that may affect sx32w.dll.

  • Replace your hardware key. If none of the above methods work, you may have a faulty or damaged Sentinel SuperPro hardware key that cannot be recognized by Atoll. You can contact SafeNet, Inc. or your software vendor to request a replacement or repair of your hardware key.


Sx32w.dll is a DLL file that is required by Atoll and other software applications that use Sentinel SuperPro for protection and licensing. If sx32w.dll is missing or corrupted, you may encounter an error message that prevents you from running Atoll. To fix this error, you can try the methods mentioned above, such as reinstalling sx32w.dll, reinstalling Atoll, updating your drivers and Windows, scanning your computer for viruses and malware, or replacing your hardware key. We hope this article has helped you solve your sx32w.dll missing error for Atoll 3.1 19.


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