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O Saki Saki MP3 Song Download - Rock the Dance Floor with the Amazing Song from Batla House by Tanishk Bagchi, Neha Kakkar, Tulsi Kumar

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of The Rap Hundreds, season 3, Want, For Want, of Wanting EP (digital deluxe edition), The Rap Hundreds, season 2, Want, For Nothing, The Rap Hundreds, season 1, Remixes, Subversive Ciphers, Stay Warm, and 15 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $1.50 CAD or more (90% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. Enter (single file) (free) 01:49 download 2. Celebrity Nudes (free) 04:14 lyrics download Tattered, ragged with vicious bruisesTrying to appease the capricious musesFlying trapeze, excuses excusesThe type of guy you want nothing to do withWho's this unfortunate cluttering up the hallway?(Someone Christ, king of the jews) Yeah, that's what they all say!They all say Jesse but they really can't see meSince I got a little fame like Billy DanziniOne ring for Batman, one ring to RUN TINGSOne ring for fronting or flossing or somethingI'm the unreliable, lovable laugh riotYou claim you got wits, I admit you're half rightWeedsmoker, living la vida loca, you're mediocreThuggin' Karaoke vivid video curmudgeonSergeant to the corporal punishment, punk,I'm brandishingBrand X blandishments. Complaints? Take it to management.Dink, I write my rhymes in vanishing inkOn a medium that's flammable, I'm a manacled animalMandibles gnashing, my passion's understandableInstinctive action, smashing like a cannonball the hundred and Nth degree, plus the fearsPlay tricks on your perception when you fence the three musketeersHence if we formed like constructicons and insecticonsWe'd be like snakes to ireland, raining destrucion on the leprechaunsInstructions for the clever pawns on how to overthrow the rooksAnd bishops using techniques that geniuses would overlookI know the crooked path and I pervert it for the cause of goodMy will is stainless steel while conventions and laws are woodAnd sometimes necessity is the mother of ax blades and flak jacketsFor fat rabbits in fast raising tax bracketsSabbath Black Sabbath, my abacus computesMathematical roots for all you fatuous galootsSuperman Batman (Look at me go!x2)Batman Spiderman (Follow me now!x2)TMNT Superman (Look at me go!x2)Spiderman Batman (Follow me now!x2)Coming o-riginal, send a hot signal to the sonogramOld school DOS box, flossing with a ton of RAMHandkerchief monogrammed, monacled eyepieceBaby grand piano if I wanna tickle the ivoriesNo political diatribes, dissertations, academiaWHAT! We're the royal macadamia nuts!You want zany? That's us! I must proceed and continueI sold out, by which I mean I filled every seat in the venueNothing to eat on the menu so I synthesize recipesWinterized tires, you'll never get the best of meJesse D, A N G E R O U S L and sometimesY... lamping in the sunshine to unwindI... am imaginary, actually magicalCasually, I manifest the fantasticalSTAR! I behave in a famous wayAnd rep for Backburner, even though the name is gay(What a thing to say!) Such a shameless playFor controversial commercial success in a painless wayMy other band's rehearsal cassettes went double platinumFlying off the shelves so fast the stores had trouble trackin'em!Back in um... (effect?) effect, thanks! WhereWould I be without my friends? I draw a lot of blank stares!We aren't gangst-airs, we're just twenty-somethingsWho grew up on rap and won't tolerate any frontingMoth to the flame, I came up in the MaritimesY'all shift the blame, I shift the paradigmsOf saracen science, when you parrot I'm embarrassedPearls before swine, horse before the carriageNo fair, it's like using the rod before the carrotI'm sorry if I'm seeing the flaws before the meritsI'm not so sure Americans can overcome soda popYou'll never be huge, so go photoshop celebrity nudes! 3. Conspiracy Is Us (free) 04:01 lyrics download Conspiracy? What conspiracy? The only conspiracy is us!One thing I'll grant you, the conspiracy knows us well. Regard theMonster hollering "BLAH!" at the Roosevelt Tharpa concertSlipping unseen between the billboards of obscene inverted sponsorshipThe queen of all I survey - is that too much to be asking of fate?I see myself as a hardcore, modern day, cardboard Catherine the GreatI'm Alexander, double-forged in the fires provided by SalamanderIn the marketplace of my fellow man, the archivist K. Kolin KorreanderOnly, more demanding with my sword of minus one to hit Armour Class ZeroPortrait of the artist as a working class heroPotboiler protagonist, the name on the lips of pretty girlsRottweiler philanthropist... okay that didn't mean anythingKid you not I kid you not you're not the living Wonder MikeYou're like the final innings of an unforgiving hunger strikeO verhypedandun derripe and by contrast, to all appearancesThe crew I throw my lot-in with-is composed of solid lyricistsAlcoholics peer amid the sands for your oasisHands atremble as problems assemble the drug neither answers nor erasesYou're just trying to fend off rabies with the hair of the dog that bit youBut not even you believe you're out of the woods just because you can't focus on the issueIt's not good. It's not good. It's not good, God bless youIt's not good. It's not good. It's not good, you poor thing.Living the lie full time, a good thirty-five to forty hours a weekIt's like the Wall, we all turn deaf and blind and cold and lose our power to speakI wish I were the meek so I could draw a line of credit against the inheritanceThat I'd been guaranteed but as it stands I'll be relying on my arroganceAnd silent errantry, transparencies overheadAvoid the eyes of Seraphim, guess I didn't know the ledgeThe olderIget, the quickerIdie I hope there's time to reconfigureitIn hopes to do more than frigwithit, I need a freakincigaretteNot true, I never have, you needn't be a sanctimonious punkTo breathe the air. Now just who is the loneliest monk?Me, that's who! You're only as drunk as the waxing moonJust lamp until the cows come home, play saxophone in Saskatoon. theyDulled the edge of Masamune, probably it's for the best I wagerIt's analagous to finally discontinuing service on the skypagerWhat's my major malfunction? Is it noteworthy?If so, can I exploit it in some way so it won't hurt me?Otherwise, take it away. Promise me you'll always keep me safeAnd sane or at the very least alleviate the pain?Sing a song of suffering succotash, you've been hadSing the song of solomon, the sacramental sex jamSacrificial ex-lamb, out like a lionI'm going to live forever or die trying 4. Jane Purves (This Song Is About Schools) (free) 03:19 lyrics download Government building, still children sitIn squalid conditions, thanks politicians!Solid citizen can't stand the rain checksPromised brain sex, settle for mind fuckedLittle kids lined up, gentlemen fire at willShoot them full of shoot them full of holes, 'til they acquire a skillLiars are killed and/or canonizedAnything that can't be quantified is ostracizedDisorganized regiments, scattered shell casingsLong forgotten hellraising, stargazingStark raving heartbroken ex-idealistTweed jacket wearing twentysomething's missingKids! Think about the kids you teach! RememberRound souls in square holes each septemberIf she speaks then send her to be disciplinedGod forbid you should ever think of listeningSound spankings for dissident youth offending articleStrapped for chewing gum sentences end in particlesHard work will make you free, We expect dedicationSubmersion, subjugation (no subversion of education!)Forget edification, earn grades insteadNever question lest the master turn shades of redChrist! No you can't go to the fucking bathroom!SIDDOWN!Mushy touchy feely hands off policyClass hostility, some lost qualityMy apologies, something's awfullyWrong when students are philosophicallyBludgeoned into drudges packing lunchesSunkist funfroots in the teeth instilling belief one truthCower when the gun shoots rap in staccato burstsRed alert! Just let me brand the cattle firstI've had the worst feeling ever since the principleMade targets of bad kids to prove he was invincibleSeems sensible... be feared if you can't be lovedWhy do authority and ignorance seem to go hand in glove?twice:Canada's supposed to prioritizeHuman beings and so we've been glorifiedYou can't say I'm not justly horrifiedThe way the system's been distorted byThe bottom line that makes us bottom feeders. LeadersMade mistakes this autumn Jesus hate to break theBubble, but there's no victory in closing a school down1: Nice try2: Let alone twoShaking heads - how'd it pass thatStudents cram into crowded classesNow the bastards've cowed the massesMinds of brown molasses frozenClasses chosen from small selectionRunning in the hall detentionAll the best and brightest kids areTrained to court the highest bidderThe kid is five you've hired a sitterWho can't wait to retire, so bitterThis is jive, we require better!Why should school be a barbed wire sweater!?POOR KIDS - the blood red ink wellRan dry. Shrivel up and die!Brain, brain - go away!SIDDOWN! SHADDUP! You're too old to play!Hearts are cold and grey and black and blueIs this okay is what I'm asking you!The answer is no - the cardio callousIs a cancerous growth of malice metastasizedBureaucracy bastardized shook onesDidn't look ONCE in the exercise books!Dunce caps, once raps on the knuckles with yard sticksNow eternal if you can't learn their infernal card tricksPawns in the wargames, futures at stakeNo sex ed, mentally neutered and spayedYou think you were dismayed in the last year?Brace yourself for a rough ride because these cats have claws for slashingAnd they've made it abundantly clear that they're perfectly prepared to do so. 5. Righteous Bad-Ass (free) 03:59 lyrics download Can't tell no lies, I'm a fresh phenomenonMad hatter, badder than the necronomiconBreakfast Ramadan blacklisted actressOrthodontist, Jim Stafford, The Swamp WitchConcussions that knock you unconsciousThe rocket launches, crouch on your haunchesNinjas haunt this place, honest injun!Gonna have to take you in on suspicionLamp in your crib once you've gone to prisonFashion an altar to my non-religionGanja pigeon flutter fast to pass musterSeal the smokestack you wack ass busterKill the Kojak routine, get the bozackThere's no way you can pretend you didn't know thatThe J was rawThe E was rawThe S was rawThe S was rawThe E was raw like you've never seen beforeI'll flip you invertical to clean the floorWig removal, get heads open like convertiblesManiacal laughter, they say I'm certifiableAfter the massacre, rappers are half asleepTheir guts for my garters, as part of the majestyOf life's rich tapestry, you could say it's habit formingLike nun school... that's pretty bad. This morningI'm uncool, hell, superlover punk!Beats for the trunk for once, I'm on the huntFor a brand new funk, hops, pack it in the lunch boxUnstoppable being, I'm seeing sunspotsWheezing, lung doctor please give me one shotAdrenalin solution, plus a puff of VentolinNo mental institution is a match for the JesterThey should have been warned that I wasn't born yesterdayDazzled with a vast array of fantasies I fascinateFor allay'all, I'm rapping to a volleyball, CastawayLyrically lacerating, Ladies Love Cool JesseDangerously the hard case, harder than ScarfaceLeading up the car chase on foot in my bare feetNo shoes on, Look at what I daily go through!No-one is moving when I'm showing and provingSo no-one is getting hurt, I'm Jesse the ExtrovertI left for work late, I'm arriving what? tardy!Laying down the law just to liven up the partyMy rhymes run the gamut from cathartic and artyTo the Canadian equivalent of M&Ms - Smarties!Not to mention hardcore rhymes written on cardboardWith black sharpie markers during breakfast at the ArdmoreTea room. Blood loss, A plus in God classResume regular broadcast lineupWord to the chronicles of Wind-Up BirdsBe still! ...? I'm absurdly skilled!With a will to power I kill, devour and smashYou'll cower and I'll laugh for like an hour and a half!Now we're in the last stage, gearing up for bossesYou may as well quit here and cut your losses!You pusillanimous pugilist, repugnant republicanHacksaw Jim Duggan lookalike slackjawed doubleknitButthead, you want violence? My talons are blood red!Liquored up bad Catholic just challenged the Godhead!Be grateful you're not dead, you hit planet rock bottomRight? Julia Childlike, mandelbrot, sodomiteRun things into the ground, styles impudentShut your insolent mouth unless you're itching for an incidentHit you with the kitchen sink first to get it over withFeebleminded evil scientist, you're malodorousA man your age should know the risks inherent in the enterpriseApparently you don't though, hence your imminent demiseKiss the sky goodbye, get comfy in your coffinNever to return to earth... very often. 6. Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky 02:17 info 7. Irrevolutionaries (totally radical) (free) 04:59 lyrics download I acquire images from TWAIN sourcesAs limitless pain forces the cynics to change coursesInto the rain forests, in imminent danger ofMaking the mistake of seeing women as strangers. LoveInstinct, hate, wrong distinction to makePredictions fake, a song that isn't your fateSamba rhythms, sombre schisms and breaks. Isn't it great?You've got a decision to make. The other fish in the lake areStaging a prison escape. We'll flee to a hidden estate andDream up a mission statement of extreme positions but waitWe hate discrimination so we don't discriminateWe Indiscriminitely create villains to eliminatePlease tell me I don't know what I'm saying or that I see it wrongBut I think kids today are praying for another viet namSo that they can be the strong voice of radical oppositionBecause if the youth isn't seen as rabid it's not traditionHaving an office isn't a modern goal, having a bunker isAnti-cloning activists are afraid of a magic homunculusI'll get my name in the paper if I'm seen to avert disaster I'llOppose GM produce like agriculture was ever naturalThe heart of the matter comes after all the rhetoric, snarky parlour tricksLike alcohol in the mix to put the party in party politicsI'd hardly call it solid, it's a straw man you're buffetingWith nothing of more substance than the puppets you're disgusted withYou pump your fist and wrap yourself in a burning flag, grandmasterEndowed with a command of the roaring sound of canned laughterOne hand clapping but the wagging tongues are lapping upThe statements and statistics, you don't even have to back it up!The rap's enough to make you every bit the rebel squadron leaderOf the pack but what you got is packaged for the bottom feedersPardon me, you ought to be disgraced, a doctor molesting patientsYour operation is every bit as responsible for indoctrinationAs anyone you've decried in your logical suicide bombsWhile everyone under you took part in a twenty-one gun saluteChe Guevera underoos, gasmask marshmallow breakfast cerealLunchboxes emblazoned with the faces of your reckless heroesThat's irresponsibleI must protestYOU would do anything to stem those feelings of impotenceYOU take a stance almost at random just to have oneYOU relish the contempt you get to fling from the moral high groundYOU heard activist chicks were hot (dreadlocks and nosesrings baby!)YOU heard the battle in Seattle was an awesome partyYOU bump Rage because your dad's like SUCH a naziYOU oppose genetics because you're ill informed and excitableYOU'RE afraid of EVERYTHING because you're CLINICALLY SCHIZOPHRENICIt's pathetic, watching the pigs teach lambs the cheers and chantsWhen they're all humans anyway, trying to fend off fears and can'tSo I'll stand here and rant against the causes that I'm closest toIt hurts to do, I just hope a few can overthrow the yokes choking youLet me be frank awhile, I don't want to spank the childI just want to yank the chains that style you after rank and fileSay no thanks and smile, then go away and thinkMull it over soberly, draw your own conclusionsThen attack them, keep at them, you should never let them aloneThen even if they fail to fall, it's not clever to set them in stoneWrestle Sylvester Stallone, argue physics with Steven Hawking andKeep your balance when the challenge is to just keep breathing oxygenPlease stop me if you've heard this one or you don't think it's fairBut if you want to engage in debate, you must address the chair and not theChoir - one letter makes all the difference in terms of effectivenessThough the latter is more enticing as it's next to effortlessI think you're on theWrong track, walking in combat boots with mental fatigueYou'll eventually see the holes in that seemingly sensible creedBut let's avert the preventable, please bleed when it's appropriateWe need to stay grounded - so how did you get over it?It's proper to know the risks when you're toppling obelisksYou should question what you thought, but it's not always the oppositeDon't sink the boat for rocking it, you've only stood up in the shallow endThat synchronized dog paddle routine? I don't think it's my style I'm in aSubmarine, keeping one nervous eye on the surface, I'mSure it's less than perfect but I prefer it to murderWork smarter, not harder, let's find an alternativeThink global, act local, never been conservativeLet's pervert the world, raise your hands, I want to hear voices!But not if you haven't been informed and made clear choicesDon't let the bastards get you down,But don't let them set you up either - Be careful 8. Strictly Do This featuring SJ the Wordburglar (free) 03:26 lyrics download [Jesse]What? You want what? You must be on drugs!I make the most thugged out dons want hugsGet your knees burned on rugs from kneeling down to meWhen I'm feeling ornery. Honorary coronerYou'll suffer from a coronary. I'm out of the ordinary.Crypt keepers shiver and admit I'm sort of scaryWhile the orthodoxy would suggest that I'm sort of snottyAlso naughty like a toddler. Stockpile bottled waterCrocodile tears, my style clears the hurdlesSample based (sample based), the only thing I fear is the TurtlesThat's right I'm Oroku Saki, bitch, the trouble's obviousI played a pickup game with the H E double hockey sticksThe properties of floppy disks are tragically fragileMy tongue blurs when it forms words, it's magically agileIt's bad to be facile, so I take great painsTo come off with the ferocity of irate freight trainsLike the ones my mate James covers with paint stainsGet at me dogs, it's brutal pitting poodles versus great danesHate chains our hearts and restricts our purposeI consider it worthless. Yo check me out I'm picture perfectGo Ess Jay, it's your birthday in spite of the calendar's dateGive it up for my pal ninja dreg! I wouldn't want to share hischallenger's fate... he's tough![Essjae] How tough?[Jesse] So tough you'll be sufferin'![Essjae] Coming correct from Church street to Dufferin[Jesse] You kids are small like MUSCLE men[Essjae] We're large like Captain Action[both] J D and S J - pure rapping satisfaction[Essjae]I'm eating rappers like food because they have bat attitudesThey're crude, and look like something I poo'dOut my buttcheeks a week ago, the unique paprika flowComic geek who calls Chuck Zeto a hoReally though (yo) you better come with the beats and cutsPlus you really need delivery like pizza hutNo buts, no ifs and definitely no maybesCRAZY... like that ladyMy references make sense like an encyclopaediaMy rhymes don't make you shit, they make you bleed diarrheaMama mia! Cut squares to octagonsMake italian rappers say "Oh no, not-a Sean!"It's on the down low, but I got Tony Soprano,Joe Pantoliano and Barry Manilow on the pianoDown at the Copa Cabana, just askI was undercover, dressed as Cobra Commander!No propaganda, you'll never ask for your cash back!Heads who like rap be like "Who was that on that last track?"The extra liquor in your knapsack,The 21 to your blackjack, the picnic basket in your hatchback!If you act wack, you're gonna leave in a stupour'Cause SJ's ill.


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