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[S1E4] A House Divided

The episode's title draws from Abraham Lincoln's "House Divided" speech from his unsuccessful early campaign for the Illinois Senate. In it, he warns of the division, and possible downfall, of a country which allows slavery in some states but not on others. Lincoln drew from the Gospel of Matthew (12:25), which similarly extolled that a house, city or kingdom divided within is bound to fail. In this case, Finch and Reese have been divided, disrupting the balance between the two and the team's operations.

[S1E4] A House Divided

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By mid-century, the country was deeply divided. Southerners feared the North might forbid slavery. Northerners feared slavery might move west. As each new state was added to the union, it threatened to upset the delicate equilibrium of power.

Setting an ongoing series in a familiar setting is extremely helpful to the writer in a variety of ways. For sure I would be able to remember exactly where I put the library, and the courthouse and the restaurants because they are actually there!

Judge Olivia Lockhart is one of my most endearing characters. She came to life the moment she stepped onto the page of the very first book in the series, 16 Lighthouse Road. When I learned that Andie MacDowell had agreed to play Olivia in the Hallmark channel series, you would have thought I was on a pogo stick, I was that excited. Andie is everything I could have hoped for in an actor portraying Olivia: smart, gracious, wise . . . I could go on. By now, as you've watched the episodes, you no doubt have a clear picture of what I mean.

Season two starts with a wonderful two-part series called "Letting Go" that involves just about everyone from the first season. Naturally, each episode features Olivia, beautifully played by Andie MacDowell. She and Dylan Neal, who plays the role of Jack, are at the very center of the series. Of course the most important character is the town of Cedar Cove itself and all the personalities that make up the community. Typically, there's a bit of drama, a dash of suspense and more than a few tugs on the heart. So, my friends, welcome back to Cedar Cove. As always, Moon's got coffee brewing. Olivia's in the courthouse and Jack's looking for that big story for the newspaper.

For the last thirty years Wayne and I have lived in Port Orchard, Washington, aka Cedar Cove. The town's economy is linked to the Navy shipyard across Sinclair Inlet. (No, it's not a cove and, sorry to disappoint anyone, but there isn't a lighthouse here either!). When writing the series it was a natural to include some aspect of Navy life, which is why I introduced Ian and Cecilia in the very first book and in the series pilot.

While I do enjoy life here and have spent the better part of thirty years as part of this community, there is a reason why I chose to make Port Orchard into Cedar Cove. I did it because I wouldn't have a problem remembering where everything is. Yes, there is a library with a mural and a totem pole by the marina. And yes, there is a courthouse close by and restaurants thinly disguised by small changes in their names. So now you know the real story...

The book titles are all addresses: 16 Lighthouse Road, 204 Rosewood Lane, etc. (Notice the first number in the address denotes the number in the series--very clever don't you think?) The reason behind this is to tell the reader in advance that the story will revolve around the person living at this address.

Wayne and I were blessed with twodaughters and two sons. All four of thekids were born within a five year span which meant that they were all teenagersat the same time. To put it mildly, thehormones bounced off the walls at our house. To complicate matters, if the kids weren't bickering with one anotherthey were butting heads with Wayne and me.

One of the questions people ask me is how I met my husband, Wayne. It's a great story. I'd graduated from high school and had moved to Seattle with one of my friends, Janice Huck. We rented a room in a house with six other girls and we all became fast friends. One Saturday night we all had dates. I was dressed and ready to go out with a guy I had recently started dating by the name of Gunther. At the last minute he phoned and had to cancel due to a family emergency. So here I sat all alone in a huge six bedroom house feeling sorry for myself.

Meeting Wayne was one of those God moments in my life. If Gunther had kept our date I wouldn't have been at the house to answer the phone. Wayne was the one who encouraged me to follow my dream of being an author, the one who championed and supported my efforts. And it all came about because of a cancelled date. Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to Gunther but the thought doesn't stay in my head for long.

I don't think I've met anyone like you in my life, Mary. I mean, you seem so straight. This perfect little doctor with a nice house and pretty little daughters. I see you and you are right there on the edge. 041b061a72


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