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We Buy Motors [WORK]

The equipment we buy is from plants that are closing or lines that are being upgraded. The used motors, reducers, and transformers were operating when they were taken out of service. Generally, along with the used equipment we obtain in these instances, there is often a warehouse full of reconditioned and new spare equipment. We sometimes even acquire equipment purchased by accident or for canceled projects before they have even begun.

we buy motors

See us in person at our location in Riviera Beach, or give us a call when you are interested in us handling a sale for you. If you are in the market for an engine with a low hours, check out what we have online, call or come by and see us. For anyone buying, selling, or just dreaming, our team at ARG Marine loves talking about boats, motors, and accessories. We look forward to helping you real soon!

These motors are great for those who enjoy fishing, speedboats, and ease of turning when at top speeds on the water. Outboard motors are quick-handling, allow for a tight turn ratio, and maneuver great at low speeds. No need to panic in shallow waters because the outboards tilt up and sit higher on the surface of the water.

These motors are mounted inside the vessel and are specifically designed for high-performance marine boats. Inboards are either in the center of your boat attached to the direct drive systems or stowed inside the V-drive systems. Both allow for the drive train and prop to be directly built into the hull.

These motors are built similar to car engines therefore they are very complex but prove to be a stronger engines than outboards. This style of motor is favored for water sports such as wakeboarding and waterskiing. You have more control over the wake and great towing power which is essential for those activities. 041b061a72


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