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Always reaching, Steven Hall has been playing music and making art for decades. Does the quest ever end? Or is it the journey that matters? Either way, we're here for it.

Playing in bands since 2002, Swim in the Wild (since 2012) has been the most successful project to date. Accomplishments such as performing at the Sundance Film Festival, Floyd Fest, selling out local shows, 3 released albums, and sharing bills with artists like Lake Street Dive, Marcus King, Colony House, My Morning Jacket, and generating hundreds of thousands of streams.

Steven now co-fronts an intimate new project, called falllift, with his partner Micah, who comes from her own nationally touring project, MICVH. Together they blend authentic meaning to a modern world with heartfelt lyrics and emotion-grabbing melodies.

Over the years of balancing the pursuit of music with jobs that could pay the bills, Steven developed new artistic expressions through his experience in the design industry. Working with wood, resin, paint, what always stands out is the Lichtenburg Figures he coins as "Lichtenburning". AKA 'Fractal Wood Burning', this process charges 10,000 Volts of electricity through wood to create these one-of-a-kind designs. The process is so dangerous that it is actually banned in the woodworking industry as a safe practice, and has been fatal to too many people, including some local to NC. Steven also loves to recycle materials in his pieces when he can such as reclaimed wood, resin, metal/frames, and random things resulting from his ADD. There is great pride taken with art selling in over 5 different states, and displayed in 3 local galleries. Steven's background in electrical engineering, woodworking, and design come to life through his art.

At an early age Steven was exposed to the wonders of photography and video, always searching. He tends to chase nature and passionate humans with his lenses. You may hear him clicking at local shows or on tour detours for an epic sunrise shot.

"At the end of the day, I'm just trying to create things. It brings fulfillment to my soul, especially when others can connect with an art form. The spectrum of expression is beautiful, boundless, and correlates to physical and emotional energy. We are here to experience and learn. I enjoy what I do, and to be able to impact others while seeing a growth to support myself, my future, my family, is a privilege I cannot take for granted."

Reach out below for private events/any entertainment opportunities, studio recording session work, photography, custom art, collaborations of any kind, or just to donate to a hungry artist.

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